Imagination ~ Creativity ~ Accessibility

Simply put, Great stories are what we’re about. Our mission is to bring you works of fiction that are beautifully written. Stories that have that rare combination of Imagination, Creativity and genuine Accessibility!

We are excited to have the pleasure of working with some amazing writers, who love what they do…and it shows! Our books will take you somewhere. You will become part of a story’s world and atmosphere. Whether it be an ancient Gothic Castle…a log cabin in the depths of the woods…or a bizarre hotel in a Neon-city…you are there!

The characters also come to life…you can understand them and feel what they feel…their joy, pain, desire and dreams you will share…if only for a moment in time.


Without Compromise

SB PUBLISHING is committed to bringing you High Quality. We care and want you to have the very best experience while reading our books!

Our books go through several rounds of revisions. Before you even know they exist… story lines are being rewritten and felt for cohesion, flow and creativity; characters are developed or even removed, and story ‘atmosphere’ is being ‘lived in’. Not to mention our non-compromising stance towards sound grammar and ‘butter smooth’ formatting.

While you certainly can’t judge a book by it’s cover…we are certainly crazy about our book covers! A great cover is not only eye catching, but it is also a work of Art in it’s own right. We are fortunate to have some awesome and wonderful Designers! Yes…we love and take pride in our book covers!

We are always about giving you our best!